Jolie: I'd Marry A Woman

Sweet, sweet baby Jeebus…

SkyNews, the UK news service with the tagline “First for Breaking News” has released this little chestnut:

Angelina Jolie has rejected the hypothetical opportunity of taking Kate Beckinsale or Carmen Electra as a lesbian lover.

But the Alexander star would not rule out a fling with a woman in the future – or even marrying one!

Jolie was asked how she felt about the two screen beauties following comments made by Beckinsale at the Oscars.

The Van Helsing star praised Angelina’s beauty, declaring: “I could have eaten her up with a spoon. She’s so gorgeous.”

But when Angelina was asked by TV network E! if she could become romantically involved with either Brit actress Kate or former Baywatch star Carmen, she replied: “No and no.”

However she added mysteriously there were several women she would consider marrying, but one was recently “off the market”.

She said: “I don’t want to say her name, ’cause she just got married … to a man.

“My son Maddox’s godmothers – they’re two women I’d marry.”

Now, if you’ll excuse me, my and my spoon need to be alone for a few minutes…

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