What's More Embarassing Than The "Chevy Chase Show"?

Have you seen my funny bone?

Well, it’s Chevy Chase when he DOESN’T have a show to destroy. What the hell happened to him anyway? They guy was the funniest in the 80’s and then he just lost his ability to do comedy. It’s sad, really. He went from doing “Caddyshack” and “National Lampoon’s Vacation” and now he’s wearing a schlocky pair of joke teeth on that B-list graveyard “Celebrity Poker” on Bravo.

Now, Chase has managed to embarass himself even worse. At a Kennedy Center event, he railed against the president, calling him a “dumb f*ck”, among other things. Other liberals at the event were quick to distance themselves from his comments which even they saw as over the top.

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