"Every 10 Minutes" Mountain Dew Promotion – Turning Me Into A Hobo

Pepsi is currently running a promotion called “Every 10 Minutes” where they publish codes on the inside of their orange plastic bottle caps that you can enter on their website for chances to win an Xbox360. You can also accumulate points and get free stuff, like hats and sweatshirts and stuff. Well, I’m an obsessive gamer and already have one of those systems reserved but I’d love to get another one… so I’ve been collecting the orange caps. Essentially, the more caps you have, the better your chances are to win.

So, anyway, if you are within webshot of this and drink Pepsi and aren’t interested in using those codes, PLEASE send them to me… (the codes, not necessarily the caps…) Email them to me… Thanks! Otherwise, don’t be surprised if you see my picking through the trash for caps.

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