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Mega64 Comments On Halo 3

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"Bridge to Nowhere" Finally Defeated

Thank God this pork barrel monstrosity was finally put to rest. The last thing this country needs is a new, useless bridge when it’s clear our infrastructure needs to be upgraded and improved.

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Tasing the Bro, or How I Kept Myself Awake at a John Kerry Speech

From The Gainesville (Fla.) Sun reports on an appearance by John Kerry* at the University of Florida: Much of his speech . . . was devoted to the war in Iraq. Kerry condemned the lack of diplomacy used by … Continue reading

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How To "Crank That" with Soulja Boy

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Knight Rider Theme, Beat Box Style

What’s better than the Knight Rider theme? The theme done by the master of the beatboxing flute. So throw your hands in the air…

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Beautiful Day

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